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About Us

Not your average DJ company

Red Tie Entertainment Inc. located outside Hershey, PA, was created in 2017 to bring the best music and experience to your event. We specialize in weddings but can bring the entertainment to a wide variety of celebrations. We believe in providing a modern up-scale experiences for our clients. This is done by our full time DJs, our meticulous planning process, and modern

package enhancements.


Our Story

Our founder, Travis always had a passion for technology, music, and DJing. He was inspired by festival and club music DJs. He took DJing to the professional stage by joining a local wedding DJ company. This is where he learned the ins and outs of the wedding industry, how to plan, and how to MC a wedding day. He felt there was a need to modernize and bring a better experience to weddings in our area. Since, having the background in weddings and a firm foundation he decided to take a leap into his own wedding DJ company. This is when he created Red Tie Entertainment

The Red Tie was created and stands for the elegance of the up-scale occasions that a tie is worn, and the red stands for the power color that stands out in a crowded space. This is a primary ideal in which our company holds.

Meet The Team

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